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I May Be the Lamest 20 Year Old

So yeah, hey what's up? It's Friday night, and I'm home...by myself...just chillin. 


You may be wondering why I'm the lamest 20 year old [if you haven't figured it out already]. Well, it's because I'm literally sitting in my bedroom in a tank-top [and freezing] with my hair covered in red dye, a grilled cheese sitting in front of me, Ed Sheeran on playing on YouTube, and a start of a craft project. And I cannot forget my cute gnome socks I got from Target yesterday...seriously the cutest things ever!

Insert picture of what my night is consisting of at the moment...sorry you will NOT be getting a picture of me with hair dye in because that just does not belong on the internet! hah 

Now, one the grilled cheese was delicious because I may or may not have eaten in the process of writing this. What? I wouldn't have wanted it to get cold, would I? ;) Two, the word and paint is for this thing I want to do with lights in the letters and have the letters be painted white to match my room. I believe this word is "sparkle" in French [I really, really hope it is...if not someone PLEASE let me know asap!] because you know...I'm all about that sparkle [wink, wink, nudge, nudge]. I have looked up lots of tutorials of how to do it, so hopefully it will turn out right! 

Oh and can I just say that Ed Sheeran is literally a lyric genius? Every single song I listen to by him, I'm always astounded at the way he says things. One song I cannot get over is "Thinking Out Loud" and if you have not heard that song, then you must live under a rock. It is the most beautiful love song, and I used to cry every time I heard it. :') 

ahh...hold on. 

My timer is going off for my hair to be washed out! Don't want the tips of my hair to break off...that would be worth a whole other blog post just on its own. The day I ruined my hair because I was blogging and dying my hair at the same time....yeah no...let's not let that happen! 

Okay, all done! Hey, I have red hair now! Before, it started to fade waaaayyy too much and turned into this weird mix of pink, orange, and blonde. It was so not a good look!

That is soooo much better! :) Man, dying my hair red is literally the hardest color because the dye gets EVERYWHERE! I have done pink and purple as well, and those colors aren't nearly as messy as red. When I washed my hair in my tub, it looked as if the Kool Aid man decided to take a bath in and my hands looked as if I strangled him for doing so.

 There is red dye in/on so many places it shouldn't  be...cough cough...all up my arm, wrists and elbows. I use towels and gloves, but it never fails getting where it isn't allowed to be. I have even gotten it on my neck, chin, forehead, cheek, toilet, and the floor before. Oh and my dog had it on him for a little while once [I still honestly don't know how that happened]. If you have any tips...I would love to read them, and I am also trying to think of another color to dye my hair because I have had red for a little while. I was thinking maybe dark blue/dark teal! 

Yes? No? Maybe so?

Alright, so I think I have rambled on enough about my lame Friday night, so I will let y'all get back to your much cooler lives! ;) Be sure to let me know if "eclat" actually means "sparkle" in French, tips on dying hair, and what hair color I should do next! 

♥ always, 

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