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Do or Dye...Your Hair!

Ever since I was in high school, I always wished that I could dye my hair either a really pastel pink or purple. Unfortunately, I have natural brown hair and a skin color that does not look good with lighter hair shades. It really bums me out too because I really super duper wish I could dye it those colors. :(


If you don't know, I recently dyed my hair bright red on the tips [it was pink in August, then purple, now red]. It was the very first time I had ever dared to touch my hair with dye, and you could say I was really scared. I faced my fear though, and don't regret it one bit! :) However, I don't really have the money to keep going to the salon and constantly getting it touched up.

Getting you hair done is flipping expensive! 

Because of that, I have to dye my hair on my own [which made me very nervous the first time]. I swear I looked at every video and advice post about dying your own hair, and it is a lot to remember! Thankfully, all that research helped me out immensely, and so far, I have been doing pretty well with dying my own hair [I think I've done it almost ten times now?]. 

Now, that I have done it a few times, I thought I might do a quick posts with some tips that may be useful if you ever want to dye your own hair! 

1. Make sure you know what the color is going to look like in the end. You don't want to buy a color and it turn out to be completely different than what you expected!

2. Protect everything! You will get dye everywhere if you aren't careful! Use gloves, towels, wipes, and even Vaseline for areas around your face. I use semi-permanent dye, so it will eventually come on my skin but it's annoying if it gets on your face. Also, I recommend always wearing an old shirt of some sort because unlike your skin, it won't come out of your clothes. Trust me, if you don't protect your things, you will be mad!

3. Don't use heat! I tend to not follow this rule as often as I should because my hair is gross when it isn't straightened somehow, but you should definitely not use any type of heat after dying. That means no hair dryer, straightener, curler...nothing. If you do want to dry your hair, try to use the cool air setting or some kind of heat protection product. None of us need to be burning our hair off!

4. This kind of goes along the same lines as number three, but always wash your dye out on time. If your product says ten minutes...do ten minutes. If it says thirty minutes...do thirty minutes. We all know we've seen those movies and shows where the girls have kept their dye in too long and it's either changed colors or fallen out. Set a timer, and make sure it is washed out when it needs to be. Push that idea of leaving it on longer aside, and wash it! 

5. Have fun! Dying your hair is a fun experience and an excellent way to make yourself a little more dolled up! Whether it's just to do highlights, roots, or a completely different color, just have fun with it. If you have never dyed your hair but wanted to, DO IT! It's just hair. It'll be okay if you mess it up or it isn't quite the way you want it. There's so many easy ways to dye it if you aren't feeling quite as bold though [Kool-aid, hair chalk, sprays]. Just go for it and have fun!

Hopefully, these tips helped out a little bit! I'm in no way an expert, but I just wanted to share a few things I've learned along the way. Let me know if you have ever dyed your hair a crazy color! I'm interested to get some more ideas for my own hair! :)

♥ always, 

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