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Better late than Never...Right?

Happy New Year!

Oh wait...it's already the 8th? I'm a little late? Yeah, I know. I'm sorry about that. I honestly expected to have posts done and posted by this time, but you know...things happen and things don't. Blogging was just one of those things that don't...didn't? won't? No, it will! 

Starting now, I'm going to start blogging more!

But Kelsey...everyone says that! You're not going to blog more! You're just going to fail!

I am! I pink promise! I really, really want to try and blog more. I have noticed how much publishing new posts, interacting with new people, and finally having an outlet makes me happy! I am genuinely happier ever since I started blogging, and I want to continue that! 

Now, I know what you're thinking. This post so pointless. Trust me, this definitely was not the blog post I planned on posting. 

I've been through my notebook of ideas a hundred times, trying to figure out something to write about. Every time I think I have something and click 'new post,' I end up just staring at the blank canvas on my screen and logging out. I feel like every idea of my mine is too cheese-y or not going to be entertaining enough for y'all. There are so many people out there with blogs full of awesome material that I feel like I can't live up to.

It sucks. 

But I have decided that it is a new year, new me, new blog! This is going to be whatever I want it to be whether that makes people happy, sad, frustrated, or feel like we're bff's! Sparkle and Shine is my little happy place on the internet, and it's going to stay that way! 

 I do hope that you all enjoy my craziness and the random things that may or may not appear on here! Regardless, we're going to have fun! 

Oh and if you're new here... Hi, I'm Kelsey! You can read more about me if you click the fancy 'about me' link at the top (that took me way to freaking long to do)! My twitter is @sparkle_shinexx (I try my best to be as entertaining as I can on there as well)! Follow me, tweet me, if you want to reach me! I'm yours when ever you want to chat! 

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog so far (it's been almost a year...whoop whoop), and let's hope to an even better year of Sparkle and Shine! 

♥ always, 

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