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Making Christmas Sweaters!

My sister and brother in law are throwing a Christmas party this year, and they have told us that everyone has to wear ugly sweaters. Well I seem to have the worst luck in finding ugly Christmas sweaters, so my boyfriend and I decided that we were just going to make our own! He and I had so much fun making them, and half way through, my dogs even decided to make an appearance, which shows in the pictures. The two of them just love to be the center of attention, but that's okay because they're pretty cute. :)

And this is what happens when my boyfriend decides that I'm taking too long with the hot glue gun. Such a party pooper!

Now for the reveal! Tell me what you think! Who's do you like better? :)

Oh and I can't forget this adorable picture of our family's newest puppy in his own Christmas sweater! 

Once we finished we ended up making those cool pre-made cookies! I thought they went pretty well with the theme. 

My boyfriend and I, as well as my pups, seemed to have a pretty good night! This is why I love Christmas time because there is such much fun stuff to do! What is your favorite holiday activity? I'm always looking for date night ideas. :)

♥ always, 

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