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Christmas over the Years!

I did a post just before Halloween [here] and it seemed to have gotten a lot of attention as well as love, so I thought doing one related to Christmas might be fun. Now, while I was looking through all the photos I had, there were way too many pictures that need to just stay in the box forever and never come out, but I did manage to find some pretty cute ones! I hope you enjoy! :)

^^ Might as well start off with ones from Christmas morning! Don't I just look so thrilled? ^^

^^ Yes, that is a Avril Lavigne CD! I used to love her (well still do)! ^^

^^ This was one of my all time favorite gifts (I still talk about it)! The Barbie house had an elevator for goodness sake...that's awesome! ^^

^^ Because every little girl should get a baby doll on Christmas! ^^

^^Whoop, model shot! I still have no clue why my mom made my siblings and I take these pictures that year^^

^^ Awh, some sisterly love going on! That picture may have been staged just for my mom. ;)  ^^

^^ And I'm going to end it on the year I lost most of my teeth, which hadn't all come in yet, so I just looked like I'm missing half my teeth! ^^

Well there you go! Hopefully this goes as well as the Halloween posts, and I don't feel too embarrassed for putting these pictures up! Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays! Christmas is in less than a week! Ahh! Gotta go last minute shopping! ;)

♥ always, 

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