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Old Halloween Pictures!

I usually write a review on Fridays, but seeing as it is Halloween, I thought I might do a fun little reminiscing on old Halloween photos. Trust me, I have had some bad costumes throughout the years, so why not share them with all of you? :)

Let's start from way back when I was just a few years old! 

A very original fairy princess because every girl deserves to be one at least once in her life!

*Holla* A nurse raising the roof! 

Now to jump to my freshman year, when I was a Barbie doll. Yes, I really liked to go all out! 

I honestly could not tell you what I was going as that year!

This was the last year I went trick or treating when I was about 16, but I definitely think that I wasn't the cutest one that year! I mean look at my little niece as a monkey! 

Well there are some of Halloweens from the past, and I hope you enjoyed looking through them! I always find it fun when people post old pictures of themselves! Have a very happy Halloween, and be safe tonight! I don't want any of my readers get in any trouble! 

♥ always, 

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