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Nature Box #3

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I know I would usually do a Nature Box post as a review, but this time around, I loved every single thing that came in my box. I didn't want to bore you with the same thing over and over. Instead, I decided that I am just going to tell you what I got and rank them, one being my favorite and five being my least. Sound good? :)

1. Dark Cocoa Nom Noms (dark cocoa oat clusters)- In my opinion, these are best eaten cold, and you only need one as a midnight snack when you're craving something chocolate-y. ;)

2. Coconut Cashews (cashews covered in coconut flavoring)- My favorite type of nut paired with one of my favorite flavors, especially in the summer time. It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

3. Garden Tomato Crunchies (almonds with tomato flavoring)- I love almonds and the fresh taste of the tomatoes was so nice to have as a little snack on my way home from school.

4. Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels (cinnamon toasted corn kernels) - Besides the fact that you have to be careful while eating them because they are so hard, they were pretty tasty. 

5. Sea Salt Sun-Crunch (sunflower and sesame seeded crackers)- These are my least favorite because they are so salty, so maybe try with some cheese to balance it out. 

Yes, this is a super short post, but I always enjoy sharing what I got from Nature Box just in case some of you want to check it out! Also, if you don't quite know that Nature Box is, [click here] and it will take you to the website, so you can explore it a little more. :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! 

♥ always, 

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