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Monday Must-Have #7

What is Monday Must-Haves?

This is just all different types of movies, foods, songs, blogs, blog-posts, etc. that I think each of you should go and check out. I love doing reviews and talking about the things I have been enjoying, so this should end up being fun! I will be try to be posting this every Monday. :)

This Monday you must have...

Alex and Sierra's CD

If you watched X Factor US (the second season), then you know exactly who Alex and Sierra are. They are the group that ended up winning that season, and I must say that I was definitely rooting for them since they sang Britney Spears for their audition. Since they won, I have been dying for their CD to come out, and it just so happened that when I was in Target looking for some new music, I saw it in the CD section. You could say I was pretty excited and bought it straight away. That was about a little over a week ago, and I cannot stop listening to it. I would have to say that my favorite songs are Little Do You Know and Broken Frame, so if you don't want to buy the whole CD yet, at least listen to those two songs. :) You so will not regret it! 

♥ always, 

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