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Monday Must-Have #6

What is Monday Must-Haves?

This is just all different types of movies, foods, songs, blogs, blog-posts, etc. that I think each of you should go and check out. I love doing reviews and talking about the things I have been enjoying, so this should end up being fun! I will be try to be posting this every Monday. :)

This Monday you must have...

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

I am an absolute Ed Sheeran fan, and I am so not afraid to show it. If you have gotten or downloaded his newest CD, then you definitely know how amazing he is. On top of all that, he has this song that has never failed at making me cry every time I hear it. I just think about the future and become a little cry baby. I'm telling you that if you are in a relationship or have ever been in one, then you are going to understand why this song makes me so emotional. Plus, this video is just beautiful. Ed is so not a dancer, yet he does an amazing job with the professional dancer (I think she's from So You Think You Can Dance). Oh gosh...just please watch this and let me know what you all think, because I have no doubt that you will all love it. :)

♥ always, 

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