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Dean's List VoxBox

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Over the summer, I kept seeing multiple bloggers I follow receiving VoxBoxes from influenster, and of course I wanted in on the action because who doesn't like free stuff? When I went to check the site out, I was really excited to get started! If you don't know what influenster is though, it's a site where you make a free account and basically write reviews and take surveys on the products we all use every day. If influenster decides that you will be a good candidate for their next VoxBox, then they will send you a free box of different products to try out. Sounds super simple, right? :)

For the box they sent me, it was considered the Dean's List VoxBox! I was beyond excited to be chosen to receive it, and I checked my mail every day to see when it would come. It finally came just a few days ago, and I have already been able to open up some of the products to try them out!

Inside there is...

1. No Text Red by Sinful Colors - I absolutely love red nail polish during Christmas time, and this is such a beautiful shade because it's a very deep red rather than a bright one. I think it looks lovely on my nails, and I cannot wait to wear all season long when December rolls around. 

2. Cube by softlips - I am obsessed with chap sticks, so you can imagine how happy I was to get a free one! Plus, the flavor of this one is vanilla bean, which smells (and yes, tastes) amazing, and it actually gives you soft lips as well! ;)

3. Eyelashes from Kiss - I have never worn fake eyelashes before, and honestly, I am afraid to put them on because knowing me, they will some how become glued to the side of my face. Although, I do really like the way these look, so I might have to save them to wear on a special occasion at some point!

4. Ready, Set, Gorgeous by Covergirl - Foundations are always a fun thing to get (don't ask me why, but to me they are), and seeing one in this box got me excited. Surprisingly, they sent a shade that is just about right, so hopefully it works well. Plus, this is an oily free foundation which is exactly what a girl like me needs!

5. Airhead Bites - Two words...love them! I already ate the whole bag! Oops! Sugar is my weakness, so anyone who knows me would have seen that coming. These were so yummy as well that I just couldn't resist!

6. Pen by Pilot - Okay, usually I would just be like a pen is a pen, but this one is so cool! It has this neat eraser on the top that actually erases the pen marks. I don't know why, but I already find this to be one of my favorite pens!

7. Tampons by Playtex Sport - I can't quite try these out yet, but I have always heard good things about this brand. Let's hope it does the job well when need be! 

Well, there is all the stuff I got in my box! This was so much fun to open and go through, and I suggest you go ahead and join this site to maybe get your own box! If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then I recommend checking out any of these products above because I already love them all so much! 

♥ always, 

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