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Review: Nude Skincare Fizzy Powder Wash


Hello everyone! :)

I am actually really excited to talk about this product because I just love it so much. I have! My mom was able to get me a cute little sample size bottle of Nude Skincare's newest product, the Fizzy Powder Wash. At first, I was a little iffy about it since my skin is very temperamental when it comes to trying to new products. It could either really hate it or do really well with it. Luckily, my skin reacted amazing to this face wash (as it usually does with Nude Skincare products).

What I really think is neat about this wash is that it starts out as a powder, which you pour a little into your hand, then when you add some water, it fizzes up into a nice wash to use on your skin. There aren't many foamy face-washes that I can say I really enjoyed using besides this one. Also, I like how the wash has small exfoliates in it, and each time I have used this, I can definitely tell a difference with how smooth my skin is. There is also a major reduction in the amount of bumps I have as well. 

Now, many people don't tend to try new products that have a lot of chemicals in them, and that is why this product is perfect. Just like all of Nude Skincare's other products, this face wash is made from all natural ingredients, which include rose hip seeds and vanilla orchid seeds. The fact that it is all natural is the main reason why my skin always has such positive reactions. 

If you are looking for a really nice new face wash, then I highly suggest you invest in this product. Hopefully, you will have amazing results as well! Click on [face wash] if you are interested! 

♥ always, 

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