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Review: 'N Rage Color Hair Dye

Happy Friday everyone! :)

Yeay for another hair product! I am sorry if you are getting tired of my hair products, but this is what I'm constantly using! If you aren't tired of seeing all of these, then I'm glad! 

For today's review, it'll be about the hair dye I purchased last week. For anyone who has artificial red, pink, purple, or any other unnatural hair color, then you will know that those colors fade very quickly (about two weeks), and you have to consistently dye your hair. For me, my hair started turning a light pink mixed with a blonde-orange color. It was very weird actually, and I did not like it whatsoever. Since I had never died my hair before, I thought this was all my hair dresser's fault and was about to go back to the salon to get her to redo it. Thankfully, my mom talked to her friend who does hair, and she said fading is normal and suggested that I buy my own dye to redo it myself. 

I then took a quick trip over to Sally's to buy myself some gloves and look at all the different hair dies that do the pink color I wanted. I did get some help from the lady who was working in there that day, and she pulled this brand. Not knowing any better, I just decided to go for it. I must say that I am glad I bought this!

It was so simple to do myself, and it actually turned out really good! I keep getting so many comments on the color and how much they like how it all turned out. The bottle is only a little under ten dollars which is MUCH better than paying to go to a salon every time, so it is very affordable. I know that pink hair isn't everyone's thing, but they do other wacky colors as well if you are wanting to take that daring plunge! 

If you do end up trying this brand out, let me know how well it works for you! I would also like to know if any of you have other suggestions on what I should try out! :)

♥ always, 

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