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Monday Must-Haves #2

What is Monday Must-Haves?

This is just all different types of movies, foods, songs, blogs, blog-posts, etc. that I think each of you should go and check out. I love doing reviews and talking about the things I have been enjoying, so this should end up being fun! I will be try to be posting this every Monday. :)

This Monday you must have...

X Factor UK

picture source: Wikipedia

I know that most countries have their own versions of this show, but the US one got canceled this year! I know, such a sad time, but lucky for me, I have the ability to watch it online! I have found an account on YouTube that posts all of the episodes, and I have just been binge watching all of the recent ones! To be honest, I think I like this one better than the past two US seasons, plus the judges on the UK version are so much more enjoyable to watch. If you have the time and feel like getting involved, then I definitely think you should!

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