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Excited for Fall time!

Hello everyone! :)

Are you as excited for Fall as I am because I am way too excited for it! This is my ultimate favorite season out of the four, and every time September rolls around, it makes me so happy! Now, there are many, many reason why I love this season so much, so I thought it might be fun to share why! Maybe some of you have the same reasons, or can share some of your favorite parts. :)

Let's start the list!

1. The weather! Oh my goodness, the weather here in the south is amazing because it's not too hot and not too cold.

2. I love to layer clothing and wear scarves, capris, boots and definitely sweatshirts. 

3. Hot chocolate and coffee! I think I had either of those every single day last year. No regrets!

4. Cuddling because what's better than putting on a  movie and cuddling with your boyfriend (or significant other)? ;)

5. Pumpkins! Pumpkin bread, cupcakes, candles, carving them and just anything you can think of with pumpkins!

6. I recently went to Bath and Body Works, and all the fall smells are out. I had to use a lot of will power to not buy everything in the store! Fall smells are just too amazing!

7. I don't what it is, but I really like celebrating Thanksgiving. Watching the parade, baking, and spending time with your family is just always nice because life can get hectic sometimes, so it's good to have a relaxed family day.

8. The color the leaves change to always make me happy! I know in the Spring everything is bright and colorful, but I really enjoy all the reds and oranges as well. 

9. The foods in the Fall are so yummy! In the Summer it's more about light and fresh fruits, but in the Fall I feel like it's more about soups, veggies, and plenty of carbs. It's just good comfort foods!

10. Last but not least, there's football! I really enjoy the football season, especially college football (even though my college doesn't have a team yet, but it's coming soon). My family members are all big fans as well,, so it's nice to have everyone over, make lots of food, and watch the game together! 

Well there you go! I hope you all enjoyed taking a look of my fall favorites! Do you have anything you like about this time of year that I didn't mentioned above? Comment down below if you do! Have a lovely rest of your day! 

♥ always, 

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