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The Concert Tag!


I was scrolling down twitter the other day, as one does, and a tweet from An Impatient Scottish Girl  caught my eye. She had tweeted about one of her posts which is the concert tag! Almost instantly after I read it, I knew I wanted to do it myself. I'm excited to get started! :)


1. What was your first concert and how old were you?
My first concert was when I was about ten or eleven years old, and I went to see Maroon 5! I forget who was the opening act, but I still had a ton of fun because my dad was able to get box seats, which were too cool to my little 5th grade self.

2. What was your best concert?
Oh gosh, this is a hard one! I honestly have loved every person I have seen live, but I had a ton of fun when I went to Kesha! It was the first concert I was able to go to without one of my parents along with me. Although, going to see All Time Low and Boys Like Girls at Six Flags was pretty neat because I got to ride roller coasters then go see a concert!

3. Have you ever been a VIP and met the performer? If so, who? 
Unfortunately, I have not been able to do that, but I would love to! 

4. Who would you love to see in concert? 
I have seen quite a few of my favorites already, but I have been dying to see Ed Sheeran live. I have watched one of his concerts on youtube, and it is incredible. I couldn't imagine what it would be like live!

5. What is your go to outfit for a concert? 
All of the concerts I have been to have been during the summer, so I usually wear a pair of comfy shorts with either a t-shirt or cute top. I always make sure to wear comfortable shoes as well because I am always on my feet, dancing the whole time!

6. Last concert you went to?  
I did see Blackberry Smoke with my family, but I'm going to consider my last concert to be Justin Bieber with Ariana Grande and Cody Simpson. Don't judge me, it was a Christmas gift, and I took my brother-in-law's 12 year old sister! 

7. Future concerts? 
The next concert I will be going to is  One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer! I am so excited about this because I have already seen them live, so I know this is going to be an awesome show!

8. Which artist/group would you love to meet?  
Ahh! Another hard question! I would say that I would love to meet Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, and definitely Cher Llyod!

9. Would you go on stage and sing a duet with your favorite artist?
Ha now that would be a sight to see! I would be so incredibly nervous, that I wouldn't even know what to do. It would be a big embarrassing mess!

Who do you TAG?
Anyone that wants to do it! :)

♥ always, 

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