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Home Ware Haul!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all are having a fabulous day! :)

About a week or two ago, I found myself at a few of my favorite stores and may have done some house ware shopping! I can't help it though because I am just excited to get my own stuff for when I am able to move out in the future! A girl's gotta stock up! ;)

1. Place Purchased: Target

Price: $9.99

**My sister has always used mason jars as her drinking cups, so I have been obsessed with the idea since then. It's just a little more fun than to have plain drinking glasses! 

2. Place Purchased: Kohl's

Price: about $4.00 for both (on sale)

**I am so proud of this purchase because not only were they on sale, but I had ten dollars Kohl's cash as well! Their original price were about seventeen or eighteen dollars each, so I was not giving them up! Plus, I love the colors gray and teal together!

3. Place Purchased: Marshall's

Price: $5.99

**Are these not the cutest glasses ever? I think they would be perfect for milkshakes, fun drink, or even a nice cold glass of milk with some cookies! I have seen others use these at parties and just they would be something fun to have around!

4. Place Purchased: Marshall's

Price: $4.99

**I told you I was obsessed with mason jars, and these are colored! How stinking cute is that? I cannot wait to use these just because they are so cute! If I could buy more, I may just have to. ;)

5. Place Purchased: Hobby Lobby

Price: $7.50

**I usually don't buy that many decorative pieces at Hobby Lobby since they are a little expensive, but this was on sale and I love it! The saying is perfect, and the colors on it are so pretty. I think it is just a fun sign I can place anywhere I want! 

Well there you have it! I hope you saw something you may be interested in buying for yourself! I am definitely excited about being able to use everything! :) 

♥ always, 

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