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Guest Post: Be You, Bravely


Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous day! I'm excited to have my first guest posts on my blog! Maybe I might have more in the future, but for now, you can enjoy this one from Alyssa!

♥ always, 

Be You, Bravely is something that I've seen floating around the inter-webs for a few days now and I decided that I had to know what all this was about. MOPS created this whole theme to "inspire us to choose the extraordinary".

Dear You, 

I want you to live your life in a way that allows you to capture as much of the world as you can. Everyday we live in a whirlwind of business: school, work, gym, dates, interviews, appointments, you name it. We go from one thing to the next with a huff and a puff and possibly a few curse words. We're tired and we don't even see 50% of what's going on around us. We feel uninspired, unnecessary, and void of the dreams we thought we once had. Our brains buzz from the horrid level of technology we're constantly wired to. We are running low. The good news is, we can turn right around and live as the quirky, nerdy, dramatic, shy, brainiac people that we're meant to be. 

Be you, bravely. 

This means that you stop letting every little thing pass you by. Stop and, literally, smell the roses. Take in the array of colors that a sunset provides. Let your heart feel warm when you see an elderly couple holding hands. Run around in a sea of bubbles like a child. How many can you pop? Take a hot bubble bath with candles, your favorite book, and essential oils. Kiss. Love. Sing. Dance. Read. Draw. Knit. Run. Swim. Teach. Lead. Create. Learn. Experience. See. There is an endless list of things that you could do if you would just do it. And do it bravely. 

There is a fire inside your unique soul that begs to burn as bright as the sun and you are doing quite an injustice by letting the World try to extinguish it. Shine as bright as you can and don't stop. Whatever you're afraid of, let go. It can't hurt you if you believe in yourself. Whatever words are stuck in your throat, speak them! Your words matter. Whatever you're feeling, feel it! No feeling is ever invalid. Each and every single thing you will ever do, think, feel, or believe makes you who you are. Why would you want to shut that down? 

You only get to live once. Do you want to be lying on your death bed years and years from now wishing that you had taken the leap to do (insert here)? No. You don't want those regrets. You want those memories. You want to be able to look at another person and be able to go back to that amazing moment in just one "Look". You can both say, "yeah, we did it". 

What's stopping you? Really think about this. 

Now think about how you can crush your barricades and BE YOU BRAVELY. 


*        *        *

Hey Beautiful! I'm Alyssa Nicole. I love the world and all it's beauty. I'm a firm believer in dreams and self love. You'll always find me blogging over at Sincerely, Alaska! It always makes my heart tingle to see a new face! Stay strong.

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