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DIY: 4th of July Shirt


Hey y'all! As my fellow Americans know, the 4th of July is coming up in a couple days! I thought I would do a little something something to celebrate, so today I will be showing y'all a way to do a cool DIY shirt! Let's get started! :)

What you will need:
*a shirt
*print and transfer paper
*a design of your choice
*an iron (sorry forgot to include it in the picture)

The first thing you will need to do is lay out your shirts and cut them the way you like. I went with a muscle tee type shirt with some fringe at the bottom (which works better if you cut off about an inch before you cut the fringe) and the same shape but without the fringe. To cut the sleeves, I just started cutting up from about an inch below the armpit. 

Next, I went ahead an printed out the pictures I wanted for my shirts! Be sure to remember that if you have a picture that has a specific way to be (like the flag) then you have to flip it before printing. I realized that after I printed, so in the picture the flag is wrong and I had to reprint!

Now, you just have to take your pictures and place them where you would like to. Iron right over your pictures for about 20-30 seconds, making sure you get the whole thing. Afterwards, you should be able to pull of the the paper and have the print left behind! You're all done! :)

Here are my results! I hope yours turns out fabulous and that you have a wonderful 4th of July! :)

♥ always, 

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