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Collective Haul | Target, Barnes and Noble, & Icing


Hey everyone! I hope your week is going amazing and that you are having a lovely Tuesday! :) I would say that I am having a pretty good week so far because I may or may not have gone and done a little shopping yesterday. I told myself no clothes this time, but that just meant that I spent the same amount but just on different things! That's perfectly fine with me because I love what I got, and you'll see why! :)

1. Place Purchased: Target

Price: $5.00

**Soooo...yeah funny story. I had lit one of my candles in my room and had it going pretty much the whole day. Well my boyfriend came over and ended up taking me out to eat and such, but the funny thing is that I left my candle burning. I know that is one of the worst things you could possibly do, but we all make mistakes! Well the candle completely burned until there was nothing left and eventually went out (thank goodness), but all I took out of that experience was that I have an excuse for a new candle! Yeay! I seriously love everything coconut, so it was pretty easy for me to choose this "flavor" candle. It is just amazing! :)

2. Place Purchased: Target

Price: $2.50

**I used to go to Target and always get a few of those Starbuck's Refreshers in can. They were for sure super yummy, but they were unnecessarily expensive so I needed something else to replace them! I moved further down the isle and found these, and wow they are so good. It's like the cheaper Target version of the refreshers. I have had the pomegranate flavor as well, and it 's delish. I'm actually drinking one of these as I type this! I definitely give it a thumbs up!

3. Place Purchased: Target

Price: $7.99

**The last thing I got at Target was this calender/organizer! I really need one to keep all my events organized and eventually for school starting in August, so once I saw this I thought it was super cute. It's pretty much your standard calender/organizer, so there isn't anything special. I just really needed one! :)

4. Place Purchased: Barnes and Noble 

Price: $9.99

**Next I went on over to the book store because I have been really wanting a book to read! Usually I just go to the teen romance section and randomly pick out a book that sounds good to me, which this one did. I haven't started it yet, so what I can tell from the back cover, it's about a girl who goes on a road trip with her ex that she just broke up with and things may or may not happen between the two of them. I always love a good teen romance story just to pass the time with, so this sounded pretty perfect for me! I will have to let you know what I think of it! 

5. Place Purchased: Icing

Price: $8.50 (top) and $2.25 (bottom & on sale)

**For some reason, I have been really wanting some new head bands, and it has actually been difficult to find any. I have looked every where for some that would fit my style, but no where had anything I liked. That is until I walked into Icing. I normally don't shop at this store ( I think I've been in maybe three times max?), but I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did as well because they had a whole wall full of headbands, bows, and flower crowns that were so stinking cute! I would have loved to buy more, but I stuck with these two because it was buy one get one half off! I think these would both look really nice in my brown hair as well. :)

 Well that is all I bought yesterday, and I think I got a fair amount! :) I hope you found something you might want to find yourself, and I will be back with a new post soon! Have a great rest of your day! 

♥ always, 

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