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Review: Nature Box

Hey y'all! I apologize for not posting in awhile! I start writing multiple posts, but nothing really seemed that worthy of publishing. That is until my Nature Box came to my front door! :)

I have seen multiple people use Nature Box, and I could get my first box for half off, so pshh I was like sign me up! I should probably tell you what Nature Box is shouldn't I? Well it is a company that you sign up for, and they will end up sending you different snacks. The cool thing is that all the snacks are much healthier, so if you're trying to eat healthy but still like having those small snacks through out the day, this is perfect you. All you have to do is pay monthly for either a box of 5, 10, or 20 snacks, then they will be delivered right to you! 

I was very anxious to try out my snacks, so when they door bell rang, I pretty much ran to the door to see if it was my Nature Box. It was very exciting to see that it was in fact my new healthy snacks waiting for me! ha I sound like I'm in some sort of love story and my lover has finally come back to me! I do love these, but it isn't quite the same. 

For my box, I decided to just get a random mix instead of picking my own, so I can be surprised! I was very satisfied with what I ended up getting. :)

1. This is the tart and tangy fruit medley, and I'm not a huge fan of dried fruit ( I would much rather an actual fruit) but I have to say that this wasn't bad. There were dried cranberries and apple pieces. If you're really into the whole dried fruit thing, then I would suggest putting this is your pack.

2. These are the masa crisps, and these were so yummy! They go perfect with salsa or guacamole! They were nice and crispy, and I loved that I could eat them but not having to worry about how bad chips are for you!

3. Omg! These bruschetta pretzel pops are so amazing! They are little pretzel balls with tomato and rosemary flavoring on them. I could seriously just sit and eat this whole bag in one sitting! I loved them! :)

4. I also really liked the cherry vanilla granola! It's like regular granola but with a little sweetness to it! It's so yummy in yogurt as well! 

5. Now this is a pack I was very interested to try! It's coffee kettle popcorn, and I am a huge fan of both coffee and kettle corn so this is literally me all in one snack! Let me tell you...this was soo good! It sounds like such a weird combo, but in the end, it worked so well together! I definitely recommend this one as well if you enjoy the taste of coffee! 

If any of these snacks sound good to you, or you really like the concept then click here  and get started! :) If any of you have any suggestions of sites I should visit, then please comment below! I am really trying to find one that does phone cases for a google Nexus! I can only find them that do iPhones :( Anyways, hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! :)

♥ always, 

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