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Outfit for Under $25 (Collab)


Hey everyone! :) I hope y'all are having a good day so far! Here where I am, the skies are a little gray, the air is full of humidity, and the chances for rain are a little high so it's not the greatest. That's no reason to not post a cute outfit post though! :)

The best part about this outfit post is the fact that everything together cost UNDER 25 dollars! What?! Yeah you read that right! I actually had a lot of fun going out and finding these pieces as well, and I love the fact that I had a legit excuse to buy more clothes. I think the only person who didn't enjoy this was my boyfriend, but I bought him Sonic for lunch, so he was okay with it!

Oh and another really cool thing about this is that this is a collab post with the amazing, Amanda, who runs the blog Ms. AmericanPie. To go along with the outfit I picked out, she did a make-up look! To check out her post, I will have her links at the end! :)



Place Purchased- Marshall's

Price- $7.99


Place Purchased- Plato's Closet

Price- $5.00


Place Purchased- Kohl's

Price- $9.99

I really hope you enjoyed this outfit and maybe even found some inspiration! Clothing items that are on the cheaper side of things may be hard to find, but once you go to the right places and really pay attention to the price tags, you will see that it's much easier than you think! The only items I found it hard to find a cheap version of were the shoes. I have no clue why, but I went to multiple places until I found something I liked and fit in the budget! I did it though, and I hope it all looks good! :)

Have a great rest of the week!

♥ always, 

Amanda's Links:

Make-up Post



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