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My Travel Dreams


Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! :) 

All right, so this post isn't really like all the rest, but I am having major blogger's block which may not be so good this early in the blogging game. I'm a newbie, so you have to give me some kind of break! Anyways, I have been seeing so many people I know coming home from their month long adventures to other countries to study abroad, and it just made me realize how incredibly jealous I am. Instead of pouting in my room, wishing that could be me, I decided to just write a blog post about it. That's what everyone does...right? ;)

The urge to travel is literally taking over, and I'm about ready to spend the those thousands of dollars to go to another country! Of course, I can't quite do that since I have other necessities to pay for, but ugh would't that be cool if I could? Now, you're probably wondering where little ole me wants to go (well maybe not, but let's hope), so let me tell you! 

1. My hands down absolute number one place that I would LOOOVVEEEE to go to is Ireland! There is just something about this country that I am obsessed about. The weather in the summer, the beautiful landscapes, the castles and history that go along with them, and the fact that everyone has the coolest accent just puts this country at the top of my list! You literally have to be crazy not to want to go!

2. The next one is such a cliche for a girl to want to go to, but I would love to go to Paris! The idea of seeing the Eiffel Tower in person just makes me happy. Oh and I think the idea of the Love Lock bridge is just so romantic, so it would be lovely to have a lock for my boyfriend and I on it. Paris is more than just the iconic aspects though. There's the atmosphere, the food, and the romance that fills the air that makes this city a girl's dream.

3. London is another place I think I would have the time of my life in. There are so many places and buildings that everyone around the world can name in a second, but the closest I can every get to them is pictures and movies. Seeing them in person would just be flat out amazing, and I would literally just stare in awe. Plus, London is somewhere I think everyone should have the opportunity to go to at least once. 

4. Okay, I'm getting away from Europe and going way down under! Australia is a place that is just...ugh no words! :) The people, the atmosphere, the sites, and the weather is just perfect! If I had the chance to go explore Australia and New Zealand, I would do it in a heartbeat. I mean I could go on and on about how this place is just amazing! 

5. Sorry, I have to travel back to Europe for the last ones. What can I say? I may be slightly crazy about it! ;) For number five, I can't quite choose between two countries, Germany and Italy. Both are very different in unique ways, but when it comes to my top five, I can't pick one over the other. I can say that both of the countries are unbelievably beautiful and have so much history in them, that I would love to see and experience for myself. 

I may be absolutely crazy for having this list, but I am determined to some how travel to all of these places. Let's just hope that it's some time soon, and I don't have to wait too long to check them off my travel bucket list! Oh and if any of you live in any of these six countries, than I am extremely jealous of you, and I am definitely up for switching lives for a week! ;) 

Hope you all have a lovely day! 

♥ always, 

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