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Letter to 16 year old me!

Happy Monday everybody! :)

I have seen multiple people write one of these on their blog, and I think it's a really good idea. Not because it's fun to do, but because I feel as though if I write this, then it might be able to help teens who could be going through the same thing I did. This could be the one thing that let's them know that they are not alone, and it is not just them that go through all those awkward stages in life! I guess it could be kind of fun as well tough. ;) Without further ado, here is my letter!

Dear Kelsey, 

Okay, now before anything else, I'm going to let you know that you need to prepare yourself to lose a lot but gain so much more. Because you are just 16, this may be the hardest year you have to go through, but trust me when I say it isn't. Once you get passed this year and turn 17, you are going to look back and not even know why you cared so much. 

Let's go back to the start of the year...you turn 16 and have this amazing party in the city with you closest friends. You have finally gotten over that dreadful 10th grade year where school just seemed to hate you. You now feel like a whole new woman, and it's all going great. Then junior year starts, and things go well until second semester. Like I said before, you may think that what you're going through is the worst thing that could ever happen, but it's not. Those three girls you call your friends will call you hurtful names, turn their back on you, and eventually leave over something completely silly, but you really shouldn't give them all your attention. 

If someone who says they are your friend can leave you that quickly, then pshh oh well! They clearly didn't care that much about you, so you shouldn't give them all your time and energy. Oh and speaking of wasting time, stop staring at that cute boy in Spanish class. He doesn't know your name and is so not worth it. Let him date that blonde girl and just move on. At the end of this year, you will start dating the best guy in the world, who actually knows your name, and loves you with all his heart. 

All those guys who you think are super dreamy and are your ultimate crush doesn't even compare to who are going to date and fall in love with. You are going to kick yourself in the butt for even thinking those other guys are good enough. They are just eye candy and not worth anything more! 

Also, I really want to make sure you know that even though you lose three of your best friends, there are so many other girls who care about you so much. When you make it on the lacrosse team, you will see that those three are way in the past, and you need to focus on the ones who actually have your best interest in mind. Take those friendships you make on the team and focus on those because in years time, they are still going to be the ones you want to call up and talk to.

I know this year is going to seem like it totally sucks, but you are going to look back and be completely thankful for every single thing that happened! Plus, your senior year is coming and goodness was that a good year! You are going to just learn from your experiences and make the best of the years to come. :)

Love, me!

PS...trust me...those braces don't look bad on you! You are going to be soooo grateful you ended up getting them and fixing that awful crookedness!

Now, just for kicks and giggles...here is my school picture straight out of the yearbook from when I was sixteen, bright teal braces and all! :) Sorry I couldn't find the actual picture my parents ordered...my mom always seems to pack them up in weird places!

♥ always, 

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