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Study Tips


I try my absolute best to study for tests when I need to...in fact I should actually probably be studying for my Econ and World Lit finals right now, buuuuutttt yeah not the point! Although, I'm major procrastinating right now, but when I do study, I have found certain tips that have helped me a lot through high school and my first couple years of college. Ready for them? Good! :)

1. Write, Write, and Rewrite: I am sure plenty of your teachers have told you that writing out your notes and rewriting them helps with remembering them. Well holy moly does it work! I usually write out my notes twice, maybe three times if I really don't know the material as well as I should. Most of the time, by the second or third time I have written the notes, they are really organized as well, which makes them easier to read. It does take time and causes a few hand cramps, but it's all worth it in the end!

2. Highlight: Sometimes after I have written my notes down multiple times, I find the best copy and go through them, highlighting all the vocab terms or important information. I have learned from experience that teachers tell you plenty of things that don't matter whatsoever when it comes to testing, such as an Octopus that lives deep down in the ocean uses lights in his tentacles to communicate (sorry just took my Environmental Science final). Totally not important, so highlighting the key information will take your attention off of those kind of random facts. 

3. Flashcards: I don't use this method as often because I find that it actually takes longer that just rewriting the notes, but it is just as effective. Most people think that flashcards are meant mainly for vocab words, but when I would do them I would go through my notes and make up questions that could possibly on the test and put them on one side of the card then obviously the answer on the other. I also don't do this one as often because I like to have someone else help me with them and no one is ever willing to do it! I don't blame them though! :(

4. Doodling: This isn't quite a study tip, but it's been said that people who tend to doodle on their notes will be more likely to remember what they wrote next the doodle. For example, if you have notes written on Lyndon Johnson's speech in the 1960's, where he tried to persuade the US to escalate the war in Vietnam, then you might want to draw guns and butter next to it, since that was the example he used in his speech. (Wow I just realized after I typed that, that most of you will probably have no idea what I'm talking about! I'm sorry...that's the best example I can think of since my mind is all on Econ right now!) I hope that all makes sense though! Point is...it's more than okay to doodle! :)

5. Read The Book: If all fails and you just are not understanding the subject, it never hurts to get back to basics and just read the book. Oh gosh, just typing that was boring! Reading the book is probably the LAST thing I do when studying, which may not be the best, but it's true! Sometimes I don't even buy the books. Oops? Anyways, reading the book really does help, especially if you aren't understanding, and your teacher isn't helping either (we've all had those teachers who don't do squat and you have to pretty much teach yourself...am I right?). The book is always a good resource though!

I really hope this helped at least one of you! I feel as though I just rambled on and on, but I thought this post was fitting seeing that most of you are taken tests and finals around this time! I guess it's time for me to go study for mine now...blehh. :( Hope y'all have a great day though! 

♥ always,

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