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Review: Essie Resort Mini Collection

I have been really looking for some new Essie nail polishes for the summer, and when I was looking on amazon.com (which is perfect because the polishes are half the price), I came across one of their mini collections. This is what it looks like..

 It is just four mini versions of the polishes in a certain collection. The one I picked out is the Resort Collection because all of the colors looked pretty "summery" to me. :) 

From left to right, the names are Resort Fling, Find Me An Oasis, Under The Twilight, and Cocktails & Coconuts

I went through each of them, and it was a surprise to me that most of them are pretty watery compared to a regular sized bottle. I do think it is a very good way to try out colors though without paying however much for a normal bottle. This whole set was only ten dollars on amazon, which is only about a dollar more than a whole bottle is in the stores!

First off, don't look at my horrible nail painting skills because I already know I suck at it. Okay, now I really liked Find Me An Oasis since I am really into bright colors this season and this looks good with my skin tone. The Resort Fling was alright, and I think it was just a bit too orange for my taste. The Under The Twilight was really pretty, but I am probably going to save that for the fall weather since it's a fairly dark color. Cocktails and Coconuts was my least favorite because it just does not look good on me since it is so brown, and I'm sure you can tell. I did like how it did have little gold shimmers in it, which added a nice touch. 

I do think I will continue to use them and may even get a bigger version. These little mini collections are literally perfect, so I highly recommend checking them out! I have found many different collections you can try out as well, so this isn't the only one! 

I hope y'all liked this and you might want to get them for yourself! :)

♥ always,

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