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My Morning and Night Face Routines

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! :)

I thought for this post I would go through my morning and night time face routines. It isn't like they are anything complicated, but you might find a product that you would want to try out for yourself!

I know it might be a little weird to start off with, but it makes more sense to me if I do this one first! ha you'll see! Okay, so I begin by washing all my make-up off with face wash from the Dr. Gross line. This face wash is made for both oily and dry skin, which I think is a huge plus! The thing I love about this wash is isn't harsh on my skin and is really focused on actually cleaning my face. I noticed that many face washes I used in the past were more into making your face smell good. Like okay? I don't need my face to smell like strawberries! I'm sure my pillow would love it, but it'll be okay! Next, when my face is all clean, I take an all-over blemish solution (also from Dr. Gross) and I put this over my trouble spots. This product does a really good job of keeping my bumps down and from turning into white heads, which is good because I have a bad habit of popping them (oops?). On top of it all, I rub on my Dr. Gross clarifying colloidal sulfur mask. I know that sounds really intimidating, but I promise it's safe! This also just goes on trouble spots. Sulfur is really good for when you have really bad spots or areas that need help. Oh and yes, I sleep with all this on, which probably makes my pillow mad since I have to wash it pretty often! 

Now, after I have had my beauty sleep, one of the first things I do is get up to wash off all that stuff I put on the night before. See! Doesn't it make more sense to do my morning routine second because now you know what all that stuff is! There is indeed a method to my madness! :) Anyways, I use the same face wash as I used to remove my make-up the night before. I just love this cleanser so much! Once I have my face nice and fresh, I put on my moisturizer from the Nude Skincare line. My face gets really dry throughout the day, so I always have to make sure I keep it moisturized, or else it just looks gross. On the days where my face isn't doing its best and I have a lot of red on my cheeks, I go and use my Nude toning water. It's does good at evening out my skin. When I'm having good days though, I just put make-up directly over the moisturizer!

I know there really isn't much to either of my routines, but hey, as long as this benefits one person, then it's worth it! :) Also, whether you suffer from really bad acne or none at all, each one of these products are superb!

♥ always,

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