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Okay, so this is a little weird for me to do, but I really liked the way my hair turned out today! Therefore, I am doing a hair of the day! Yeay! I am sure you are just super excited! ;)

For this hairstyle, I just whipped out my handy-dandy straightener and instead of going straight down with it like I usually would, I took a piece of hair and flipped the straightener upwards, then went down. I also tried to do both small and big pieces of hair, so I get tighter curls as well as bigger wavy ones all over. Then I just pulled back one side of it, pinning it with a bobby-pin, just to give it a little more something-something and sprayed a small amount of hairspray to keep it together. Wa-la! I now have a simple, wavy, fun hairstyle that can pretty much go with any occasion. If you're even the least bit interested, I literally did this hairstyle just to go to Target because my hair looked like crap since I didn't dry it!  I'm awesome aren't I? ;) Totally kidding! 

I do hope you like this hairstyle and maybe you can try it out for yourself! If any of you know any other super simple styles, please comment down below! I would love to know what they are and possible do them myself! :)

♥ always,

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