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Birthday Haul


This is the last birthday post...I promise! 

For this haul, it is all going to be things I bought myself when I went on a little birthday shopping spree! I would almost feel weird showing off what other people got me...I don't know. They may just be me who thinks that! Anyways, here are the few things I went out and bought to treat myself on my birthday. :)

1. Place Purchased: Kohl's

Price: $10.00 (for both)

**My first stop was Kohl's, and I am so glad I went because this is the first place I have actually found cute and cheap bandeaus! These were 2 for 10, so I thought that was a pretty decent deal. Plus, I thought these two would go with a lot of the tank tops I have already.

2. Place Purchased: Kohl's 

Price: $16.99

**I obviously had to travel back into the shoe section to see what I could find. Lucky for me, I found these super adorable Tom like shoes, but they were like a fifth of the price! I also figured that the tannish color of these look good with a ton of my stuff, and I will be able to wear them all year round!

3. Place Purchased: Marshall's

Price: $2.99

**Every time I see a mason jar like this, they are always so expensive and never worth the price. This one however is gigantic, yet it was only three dollars! How awesome? I also got some really cool coke glasses, but I already gave them to my boyfriend since I got them for him and totally forgot to take a picture! 

4. Place Purchased: Lush

Price: $7.95

**This is one of the more expensive things I have bought at Lush, but I thought it was pretty worth it! They say I can split this bath melt into two, and get more than one bath out of it, which is a plus. Also, they lady who helped was very convincing, but it's so soft and smells like bubble gum, so I was all for it anyways!

**Now, these are something I didn't actually buy myself, but instead my amazing boyfriend got them for me! They were just too freaking pretty not to put up on here! heheh <3

Sorry this was a pretty short haul, but I thought it would be fun to show you what I bought myself as a little happy birthday to me! :) Hopefully, something in here peaked your interest! 

♥ always,

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