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31 Day Snap #7: Pinterest Addict

Wanna know what the 31 Day Snap is? Click HERE!

Today was really just a pretty chill day! I just worked, watched all my tivo that has been building up over the past week, and of course getting on pinterest! Most of the time I get on with the intention to only stay on for a few minutes max, buuuuuttttt that never actually happens! I end up getting sucked in, and before I know it, I've been on for hours! It is just way to addicting, and I swear I need to a time limit where it automatically logs me off after thirty minutes or something. Wait, is that a thing already? Ah no, don't tell me or else I will try it out and end up not being able to take it off and my pinterest life will be ruined! Oh and sorry for the picture being so yellow. It's close to ten o'clock at night, so there isn't a ton of natural lighting! 

Hopefully your day was a little more exciting than mine, and if you have a pinterest, be sure to follow ME! I don't quite have a ton of followers yet since I started a new profile! Plus my posts are always amazing. ;)

♥ always,

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