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31 Day Snap #4: Frozen Yogurt

Wanna know what the 31 Day Snap is? Click HERE!

I am hardly the one to take pictures of my food, but this just looked way to good not to! Anyways, it was time for a little date with me and I'm sure you can guess who, and we decided on a frozen yogurt one. I mean what's better than frozen yogurt? :) It's not much of a date night, but we got to get out and spend time with each other without one of our annoying family members around bugging us. Oh and if you are wondering what kind I kind I got (because you're just dying to know aren't you?) it's coconut yogurt with gummy frogs, two kinds of boba tea popper things, and yogurt covered pop rocks! It was YUMMY! :))

Now, my boyfriend and I are always up to trying new and fun dates, especially in the summer time when the weather is nice, so if anyone has any suggestions...please let me know! :)

♥ always,

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