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31 Day Snap #31: All Done!

Wanna know what the 31 Day Snap is? Click HERE!

Yeay it's the very last day of the 31 Day Snap, so I thought I would just do a little collage of some of the pictures I posted this month. Doing this challenge was for sure a challenge. I had no idea it would be this hard to make sure I found something at least some what interesting to take a picture of for y'all, then I would have to edit the picture, and have it posted on time. Some of the days, I didn't even have the picture up and had to do two in one day...does that make me a failure?

I did learn a few things though! For instance, I now always have a camera with me, so I make sure I can capture the moment (I was not much of a picture taker before this). I also learned to see the beauty and wonder in the very simple things in life. The day I sat in my garage just watching the rain by myself is a great example of that because I was able to realize how peaceful it is to sit back and enjoy mother nature. 

Overall, I really hope everyone has enjoyed me doing this for the whole month of May. I know I have gotten to chit chat with many of you who found a couple of these posts fun. There is a good chance I might not do this again...hmm...well I may next year. We'll see! 

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of their weekend, and I will have a regular post coming soon! :)

 ♥ always,

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