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31 Day Snap #28: New CD

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This post is so not going to show how excited I am in real life! Eeeep! ;) I have been waiting for Cher Lloyd's new CD for what seems like forever. I never watched her on X factor and all that, but when she made it over to the US with the single Want You Back, I instantly loved her. She is just plain fabulous! If you have ever watched her interviews and behind the scenes type stuff, she is the most down-to-earth, I don't give a flying flitter what anyways says type of person, and I think it's awesome. Oh and top it off, she can sing her ass off! :) Usually, when it comes to cd's there's at least a couple songs that I'm a little ehh about, but I am obsessed with EVERY single one of her's! I probably sound like a weirdo now...oh well! ;) 

Point is you should at least look her up newest single Sirens because you will not regret it! If you already know who she is and are a fan, then please comment! I don't know many people who like her here in the US! 

 ♥ always,

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