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31 Day Snap #10: Car Selfies

Wanna know what the 31 Day Snap is? Click HERE!

Erg! I can't believe I wasn't able to get this one up on time either! Let's just pretend that I uploaded this yesterday, shall we? :) Anywho, my boyfriend and I were on our way to see one of our friends, and just randomly, I whipped out my phone and was like we gotta take a selfie for my blog! This is what we ended up with. Personally, I don't think it is the best picture of either one of us, but I wanted to upload the first one we got no matter what! Oh and yes he was stopped at a stoplight, so don't worry!

Well today is Mother's day here in the US, so if any mothers are out there reading this, Happy Mother's day! I know my mom has plenty of things planned for today for my family to do! Hope everyone has a great day though! :)

♥ always,

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