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What's In My Beach Bag!


Since I will be going to the beach in literally a few days and so many people are starting to make their way down there as well, I figured I should share what's in my beach bag! Maybe y'all can get an idea of what you should carry in yours when you decide to take a trip to the beach!

(Just a warning, sorry about the weird background. I'm in the middle of a project, and I thought it looked kind of cool as a background!)

1. Let's start off with the absolute most important item that EVERYONE should have in their bags no matter what....sunscreen! If you are off to the beach or pool then you should for sure try to have a spf of 30 or above. Having a lower spf would be better if you were just outside walking or something casual. Either way, you should always been protecting your skin from the sun rays.

2. Now it's time to make sure you keep your eyes protected and keep away from squinting and causing any ugly wrinkles. These sunglasses are one of my favorites right now. One because they're super cute, and two because they were only five dollars! The biggest plus is that they keep the sun out of my eyes which everyone knows is important while trying to get a tan or reading in the sun!

3. A lot of people never really think about protecting their lips when it comes to the sun, but it is in fact just as important! This is one of my top chapsticks that help protect my lips from getting chapped and yucky looking. It actually has sunscreen in it as well...how perfect? :)

4. Whoa throwback right? Well I like to carry my ancient Ipod down to the beach because I can afford to accidentally get sand in this rather than my phone. Plus, I probably would not be as heartbroken if I happen to lose this somehow. However, having music with me is always important, so I can block out my annoying brother or I'm trying to escape to relax and get myself a nice tan! 

5. I will most definitely include all six books of this series on this blog somehow whether y'all like it or not! ;) I haven't read much of this, so I can't say anything about it, but I always seem to have a book with me when I go down to the beach. I don't what it is about reading a book with your toes in the sand, but I love it! If you don't then...what is wrong with you? ha just kidding

6. Lastly, I ALWAYS have water with me! It is sooo important for you to have water of some sort with you when you are going to put yourself in a situation where there's constant sun. The last thing you want happen is getting dehydrated due to lack of fluids and have your vacation ruined. Always, always, always remember to bring water with you!

I really hope this was helpful to you with what you might want to bring with you. If it wasn't, then I hope you were at least entertained! I might do what's in my everyday bag if this does well!  :)

♥ always,

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