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The 31 Day Snap!


I was searching through one of my favorite bloggers, SprinklofGlitter, and I found a post she did that I think will be quite fun to do for the month of May. It is called the 31 Day Snap. On her blog she did 30 days because it was for June, but since I want to do May, I have to add one more day!

 Anyways, I think it would be awesome if some of you guys do it with me as well. The rules are super easy! All you have to do it take a photo a day and upload to wherever your little heart desires (facebook, blog, instagram, twitter). The pictures don't have to be super fancy or anything, just things you find interesting.

Also, this is also something separate that I'm doing, so I will still be doing my regular posts as well, which means y'all will be getting twice as many posts! I'm not sure if that is as of a good thing as I think.

Now, I understand that there is still quite a few days left in April, but I figured if I post this now and one of you would like to join, then there is still time to prepare yourself! :) Plus, I can't wait for May because I will officially be on Summer break (Yeayy!)

Well I hope you're excited about this just as much as I am! :) Let me know if you decide to join, so I can see all the pictures you post!

♥ always,

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