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Quick Little Haul


I hate admitting this but a couple days ago, I kind of went crazy at the mall (well crazier than normal) and bought so much stuff. I literally have not been to the mall and had this successful of a day! Some of you may think this isn't much, but you don't know how crappy our mall is! That being said, what would be better than a quick haul to show off my findings? :)

1. Place Purchased: H&M

Price: $12.99

**I have really been wanting to add some more color on my wardrobe for the Spring and Summer, and I thought these were perfect. They fit really well without riding up my butt when I walk. I also bought the same exact pair in black because I hardly ever find shorts this cute and this cheap!

3. Place Purchased: Forever 21

Price: $12.80

**I had to exchange a bathing suit I got online because it didn't fit, and well it was just my luck that they didn't have the next size up in the store. I just decided to get a whole different pair of bottoms and find a top elsewhere. I was not going to keep a bathing suit that didn't even fit!

4. Place Purchased: Forever 21

Price: $14.80

**Thankfully when I went in the store to exchange, they did have the next size in the top! I immediately scooped it up and took it up with me to change out! To me, the colors of this top are so freaking cute, and look so good when I get a nice tan! :)

4. Place Purchased: Charming Charlie

Price: $8.00

**If you have read any of my OOTDs then it should not be a surprised that these are from Charming Charlie's! That is literally the only place I get my earrings because they are so cheap yet so freaking adorable! Plus, if you have never been in one, then you need to. They have everything you could think of and in every flipping color! It is very rare that I don't find something when I go.

I told you this one was going to be super quick! :) I hoped you liked it though and saw something you might want to shop for! 

♥ always,

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