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My 5 Top Apps

First off...Happy Easter to all of y'all who celebrate, and whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you get all the peeps you could possibly get! ;)

Second...For this post, I will be sharing my top five apps that I always find myself using or entertaining myself with when I'm waiting or trying to pass time in class. (Sorry it's just happens...I want to be a teacher, not learn about supply and demand!) Alrighty, let's get started!

1. Pandora: I always use Pandora when I'm driving to school or whatnot. I literally haven't listened to the radio in who knows how long! Yes, that is One Direction! Don't hate...you know you love them. ;)

2. 2048: This is one of my newest game I have been loving! I am very into puzzles and trying to figure things out, so this is perfect. All you have to do it move the numbers up, down, and side to side to try and match them up with each other. In the end you want one tile to say 2048! So far I have not won yet, but I'm not giving up!

3. Pinterest: If you aren't on Pinterest, then what are you doing with your life?!? I have had mine for about three years now, and I never get tired with it. (I did start a new one though for this blog...in case you were wondering why I have so little followers). Every time I need a quick recipe, cute craft, or even hair how tos, I always seem to find myself whipping out my phone to scroll through Pinterest!

4. Pixlr Express: This app is my favorite picture editing app! You can crop, color, adjust, draw on your pictures, and you can even make your pictures into a neat little collage. I have searched and downloaded so many apps like this and all of them fail completely. This is the only one I rely on to make my pictures pretty! :)

5. Audible: This last one is an app where you can sign up and get any book you want to listen to (first book's free btw). I haven't gotten many books yet, but I have scrolled through the list, and they truly have pretty much every book you could think of. If you aren't a huge reader but would like to get into books so you know what everyone keeps talking about, then this is the best place to start. 

Hopefully, there's an app I mentioned that you might want to check out yourselves! Oh and just so you know I have a Nexus, but most of these apps should be available with any type of smart phone! 

♥ always,

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