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Review: Essie Nail Polish


What? A new obsession? Me? No! There's just no way!


For some odd reason, I have been loving buying Essie nail polishes. The colors they have are just beautiful, and the polish is definitely one of the best. It's shiny, doesn't chip, and last really long. If you are looking for a nail polish, then giiirrrllll you have to try Essie! Now, the most recent colors I have bought and have been wearing are probably from previous seasons, but that doesn't make them any less amazing!

(from left to right: Tart Deco, Borrowed and Blue, and Absolutely Shore)

Each one of these colors are very nice for Spring, which is right around the corner (yeayy!) and look good with any skin shade. The lighter ones (Borrowed and Blue and Absolutely Shore) are in fact very light and tend to use more than one/two coats....just a warning. However, I love each and everyone of them, and I HIGHLY recommend checking them out. :)

 ♥ always,

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