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Spring Clothing Haul


Since it is just now Spring, and I have recently been shopping, I thought it might be fun to try out a haul type thing! I'm not sure how this will turn out, but hey...what do I have to lose? :)

Okay let's get started:

1. Place Purchased: Vans

Price: On sale for $30.00

**I literally love Vans, so when I have the opportunity to buy more, I go for it! I have owned so many and wear them out to the point where I can't wear them any more, which definitely makes them worth all that money. This time though, I decided to go with a more sea foam green color other than black or white because I felt as if it was more "springy." 

2. Place Purchased: Forever 21

Price: $9.80

**Captain American is one of my favorite super hero (and yes I cannot wait for the new one to come out :) ) so why not get him on a shirt? Also, the fact that it is just a loose, sleeveless tank makes it perfect to lounge around in or wear to the beach/pool as a cover up.

3. Place Purchased: Target

Price: $10.00 each

**I just simply wanted more tank tops for the summer to have as bathing suit cover ups. I have really been into different shades of green, so both of the tanks are excellent and just the colors I have wanted!

4. Place Purchased: Target

Price: $17.99

**Yes, this is kind of expensive for just a bathing suit top, but I was only buying that one piece so I thought it would be okay to buy.  :) I think the two colors, teal and blue, look very nice together and go well with a tan! 

5. Place Purchased: Forever 21

Price: $7.99

**You saw that right! Shorts that are only EIGHT DOLLARS! Crazy right? That's what I thought, which meant I HAD to buy them. Well that reason and the fact that these shorts fit me perfectly, the color is a very cool dark wash, and the rolls as the bottom are my favorite part. ;)

I hope you saw something you liked! 


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