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Review: Nude Skincare Moisturizer and Toner


Now, I'm going to start off saying that I have been dealing with acne for way too long, longer than I like to admit. I have been to numerous dermatologists and used a countless amount of products. Only after using about a few of them I see improvements. The Nude Skincare products are definitely in that few. 

I recently started using the moisturizer and toner to help with redness and bumps here and there, and I have never seen results so quickly. The moisturizer is so light and goes on the face so smooth, leaving no sense of stickiness behind. Also, makeup lies on top perfectly. Using just the moisturizer though, there is literally no dry skin in sight! (whoop whoop!) 

With the toner, I haven't been using it as long, but I for sure plan on it. This is mainly to help with the redness, and for me it really does well with the moisturizer. Within hours, I see my skin calming down and become noticeably less red. The product contains cinnamon in it, which is a huge contributor to help calming redness, so it's obvious why this toner works so well. 

Ultimately, these two products are like the avengers of the Skincare world! Each one of the Nude products are made with all natural ingredients and have no harsh chemicals in them that would end up burning your face. Every one that I have tried has been very calming and light, and I always see positive results. 

If you are looking for something that is made for everyday usage then I would HIGHLY  recommend at least looking at this skincare line. These are my two favorites at the moment, but there are so many more that are worth checking out. 

Here is the website if you interested: Nude Skincare :)

 ♥ always, 

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