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7 Spring Cleaning Tips


It's almost Spring! Yeayyy! 

Fortunately, because it is now Spring, we all get to do that awesome and amazing thing called spring cleaning! Doesn't that just sound like heaps of fun?! Heck yeah it does! The funny thing though is that many of us would love to be the ones who clean our whole house, dorm, or apartment and be super proud of what we did. However, not all of us know tricks and tips to cleaning...that's where little ole me comes in! :)

Over the last summer I decided to help my sister out while she cleaned houses, and boy did I learn a lot...I mean A LOT! There are so many different things that I would never even think about doing to help spruce up my own home a little bit!

Well I guess now is as good time as ever to let you know what those are ;)

1. In Tip-Top Shape

One of the very first things you should know is that it is best to always clean top to bottom. What is the point of sweeping the floor if you haven't dusted the ceiling fan yet? Exactly. If you start from the top, by the time you're done, your place will be all spic and span!

2. Get It, Got it, Good!

Make sure that when you start cleaning, you actually have all the supplies you need! It's like starting a meal without having all the ingredients! Now, some of the supplies you might want to consider having in your collection is vinegar (super, super great because it has the cleaning power but none of the chemicals!) and rags (rather than paper towel because they usually don't leave any streaks on anything).

3. Comfy, Cozy

When changing your linens, you can go simple and just switch out your pillows, or you can go big (go big or go home right?) and use a whole new bedspread, along with sheets! Either option gives the room a new feel to it, and it's way easier than replacing all the furniture. 

4. Outta Sight, Outta Mind? No way! 

Oh the dreaded closet....if you are like me then your closet NEVER stays clean. I swear I could organize it one day and the next it will just be one big ball of clothes. But hey when it is organized, it's amazing! To do so, the best thing to start off doing is taking all your clothes out and separating them into piles (keep, throw away, and give away) and that's super easy. Once you have all the items you want to keep, try to hang up all the clothes because I always find when I fold clothes they get unorganized way to easily. If you want to get even fancier, you could color coordinate your clothing (whoop whoop!)

5. Knick, Knack, Patty Wack

We all have those dreaded knick knacks that when we get them, they are the cutest little things and all totally worth the ten dollars you spent because we swear they belong in our homes. Nope. Nu huh...get rid of them. If you don't like it anymore, then throw it away, or better yet donate/give it to someone (white elephant or gag gift?) All these items do is take up space and collect all that unwanted dust. It's best to just get rid of it!

6. Get Down and Dirty

CLEAN IT ALL! Spring cleaning is not about just taking one thing and moving it into the closet or something. It is about really cleaning. What good does just moving things around do? Let me tell you....it does nothing. Get out your gloves and grab all your supplies because it's time to get it on. Clean the ceiling fan, the carpets, the refrigerator, and even your baseboards. All those things that you have been putting off to "clean later" are about to be cleaned. There should be nothing that hasn't been touched by a cleaning product by the time you're done. Trust me...it'll all be worth it!

7. Finishing Touch

After everything is all fresh and clean, it's always nice to put out a vase of flowers. They just add a pop of color into the room, make it smell good, and hey it is Spring after all! :)


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