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I heart the "I Heart" series


Recently I have been obsessed with reading! I have literally been going crazy, buying books off Amazon (for only a penny might I add!), and taking random trips to our local book store, also known as Barnes and Nobles :) Now, I was not a huge reader when I was in middle school and high school, but just this past year or so, I have been enjoying a good book a lot more often than usual. 

The reason I wanted to post this post though is because I have been really into a certain series that I just cannot get enough of. It is the "I Heart" series by Lindsey Kelk. There is about six books in this series (I'm almost done with the second, and I am already super hooked on it). I was recommended these books from somebody, and she seemed to really enjoy them, so I gave it a shot. I am so glad I did. 

I will warn you though because these books are a little for a younger crowd, but they are super good none the less. To give y'all a short summary on it, I will say that it about a girl, who lives in London. She ends up finding out something about her boyfriend, which then causes her to leave everything behind and move to New York City. From there, the book just goes on about her life living in the big city, and yes there is a love story that goes along with it. What kind of book doesn't have a love story in it? 

I understand that these books are not for everyone because some people like a little more complicated books, but if this seems like your type of thing then I will definitely go for it. Oh and if you are willing to try out these books, a great way to test out if you will enjoy them or not is going to audible.com You can get your first book free. I never expected to enjoy listening to a book, but I actually did! If you like actually holding the book you're reading, then Amazon definitely has all of these books for very cheap! 


 ♥ always, 

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